Youtube: Broadcast Yourself… But Carefully

Community websites are in, and leading the pack is YouTube. Founded in February 2005 by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim, YouTube allows users to upload, view, and share video clips. About seven months after, it gained popularity when it hosted Lazy Sunday clip from a Saturday Night Live broadcast.

YouTube抯 rise since then has been phenomenal. Last month, for example, Guardian Unlimited Technology reported that YouTube has overtaken MySpace in terms of global internet visits or reach. For the past three months, YouTube has grown by 155% while MySpace game of war fire age hack cheats only 9%.

Despite controversies on copyrights and other video issues, I believe YouTube is becoming a powerful media on the Internet. A few months ago, I read about a comedy duo whose movie was rejected but found venue through YouTube. A recent controversy happening on YouTube involves Sen. George Allen calling his opponent抯 Indian-American campaign worker 揗acaca.?The term 揗acaca?turned out to be a racial slur. The video clip of that incident ended on YouTube, and has been passed on to explode on the Net. I抦 sure Sen. Allen didn抰 know what hit him with that incident, which many thought would hound him throughout his political life.

It gta 5 hacks seems like the Internet is giving the movie, the TV, the radio, the print media a run for their money. In time, I抦 sure this will influence the direction of global business. That is, if it抯 not doing that already.

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