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Who We Work With

Our clients are focused and committed to growing their companies. They represent just about every industry and type of organization, but all share the same goal: to take their company to the next level of growth and beyond. Team Performance Solutions clients are facing a unique set of challenges as they navigate the long and bumpy journey necessary for a growing an entrepreneurial small business into a growth leader and market-leading enterprise.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What makes TPS unique?

We are unique in many ways from most traditional consulting firms.

  • TPS has developed an integrated set of proven and practical frameworkstools, and methodologies for building sustainably successful organizations.
  • Our approach in working with our clients is that of “An Experienced Guide” and “Teacher” versus just a “consultant.” 
  • We help our clients effectively implement the customized solution we have developed for them and provide them with the training needed to continue this implementation into the future.

2. Do you have specific expertise in our type of business or industry?

Over the past 25 plus years, we have helped companies in a wide variety of industries to build sustainably successful organizations.  However, our belief is that you are the industry experts.  Our expertise is in helping your team learn, implement and effectively use organizational and management development tools  strategies, and skills that will ensure your success regardless of the industry you are in. 

3. What can I expect after I contact TPS about possibly working with my company?

We begin with the initial discussion that helps us understand your needs and that helps you understand how we might assist.  If you make the decision to move forward, we will typically prepare a formal (written) proposal that describes the customized solution we have developed to address your needs.  This proposal will describe how we will work with you, who from our team will be involved, the deliverables you can expect from this work, the budget for the program or process we are proposing, and the timeline for completion. 

After you have reviewed the proposal, we will typically have a conversation with you to address any questions that you have and “fine-tune” the solution, if needed.  If you decide to engage us to work with you, we will prepare and send you an agreement for services that includes a restatement of the information contained in the proposal (reflecting any modifications made after discussions with you).  The agreement also includes a schedule for payment of our fees.  Once the agreement is signed by you and returned to TPS, we will begin our work with you.  Our work with you will be led by a specific member of our team who will be available to address any questions that you have as we begin implementing your customized solution.

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