What we do

Strategic growth and innovation.

Is your company poised for long term sustainable growth and profitability?

Most of our clients are facing one of these three critical issues:

  • Company growth is leveling off or has plateaued kelowna russ nachbar
  • Competition is increasing; margins are shrinking
  • Organizational Infrastructure can’t support growth

How do you know if the situation is serious enough to warrant a Strategic Growth Plan? Our comprehensive Growth Potential Assessment will help you decide.

Every growth company eventually reaches critical transition points within its lifecycle that require fundamental changes, if long term growth and profitability is to be sustainable. Sooner or later it happens…..whatever brought success in the past….the structures, strategies, and systems…no longer works as well.   If an organization cannot recognize its need to change, it struggles with the same problems over and over again. Instead of experiencing new levels of growth and success, its stalls, flounders, or ultimately fails.  This experience of hitting an invisible wall or barrier after a period of steady growth is a collective thread that binds growth companies together.  Successful, sustainable, long term growth and profitability requires mastering a whole new set of skills, strategies, knowledge and professional management that was not required at previous stages of the organizations lifecycle.

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Our goal is to provide you and your company with a practical, results oriented, systematic framework and process for making the right decisions at the right time, to achieve sustainable and profitable long term growth.  We utilize a practical and powerful process that supports business owners to analyze and assess their companies growth potential, identify constraints and obstacles to future growth, and put into practice the critical behaviours and actions that will ensure long term success.  Your companies future success relies heavily on your ability to make timely and sound business decisions at certain points within a companies lifecycle. You have the ability to influence and control the future destiny of your company .  It’s in your hands. The question is, are you up to the challenge?   

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