There are a number of cycling events, most notably in Europe, where incredible athletes compete in hectic races to see who can battle for the position of a globally ranked tour leader. There’s no end of excitement, upsets, and more than a few thrills and spills for sports fans to tuck into. Here are some of the most famous tournaments being contested today.

Tour de France

Tour de France

Unarguably the most famous cycling competition in the world, the Tour de France has been a fixture on the sports calendar since 1903, taking up a whopping 2,000 mile long stretch of French rural countryside.

Milan-San Remo

The longest one-day event in professional cycling, this tournament was founded in 1907. It takes up 185 winding miles of Italian countryside abounding in the gorgeous scenery. It usually ends in a thrilling sprint for the first place across a 21-mile stretch of village.


The so-called “Hell of the North” takes place over 150 miles, much of it being cobbled streets that can prove a real challenge to even the best riders. It has a reputation as one of the most gruelling single-day competitions in all of cycling and is frequently the site for some fairly spectacular crashes.

Giro d’Italia

This stunning race is one of the most exciting events on the calendar. The Giro d’Italia 2018 looks set to be one of the best in the competition’s history. The mountainous course provides ample features to bring the best out of the competitors.