Growth Potential Assessment

Our unique growth potential assessment is an important first step toward understanding where your organization currently is, how it got there, and what needs to be done to move it to the next level of growth and profitability. The assessment determines an organization’s current state by identifying its strengths, weaknesses, and developmental needs in areas critical to sustainable and profitable long term growth. The results provide a clear picture of the key strategic, operational, and organizational issues a business is facing, and uncovers the root causes not just the symptoms that may be holding your business back.

Purpose of the assessment:  

Assess and determine the companies current level of critical growth capabilities.


To identify potential obstacles or barriers to sustainable and profitable long term growth.

Areas of analysis;

1. Stage of Growth

2. Management Style 

3. Key Organizational Growth Capabilities

4. Internal versus External Orientation

5. Strategic Leadership Capabilities

6. Focus and Clarity of Purpose 

7. Strategic Planning Capability

8. Organizational Infrastructure

9. Organizational Culture 

Critical Organizational and Management Growth Capabilities :  The Keys to navigating the transitions to higher levels of growth and profitability

Many companies have grappled with the challenges of growth and have emerged successfully on the other side.  But, what did it take to get through? What clues have these companies left behind about their secrets to success? And how can those lessons be applied in your own company?

We have identified several organizational and management capabilities that are critical drivers of breaking through to the next level of growth and profitability. These critical Growth Capabilities not only are characteristics of successful growth companies, but also are hardwired into the companies organizational culture.  These critical growth capabilities are the key areas needed to successfully transition to higher levels of growth and profitability. 

Growth Potential Assessment – Key Deliverables

How well is your company poised for sustainable and profitable long term growth?  Are you building a solid platform of critical capabilities or are you stumbling over the many obstacles the hobble companies during the growth process?  The GPA is designed to help you answer these questions.

The GPA is based on a number of critical growth capabilities needed to sustain profitable long term growth.  Using the GPA  provides credible and objective information what your companies strengths and weaknesses  are within the context on long term sustainable growth.

Each growth capability area is assessed based on a series of questions, with a rating scale of 0 – 3.  0- being the least agreement, and 3- being the highest agreement .  Once the scores are totalled you will have a good sense of where you stand not only in that particular area, but as an  entire organization.  The highest level, “one step ahead” indicates that your company is well prepared for growth in that critical business area.  The second level, “getting by”, means you can get by with your current level of performance in that area but eventually you will be vulnerable if this area is not addressed or improved. The third level, “behind the pack” , means that this area will impede your companies growth and is likely causing current business problems.

Getting input from others

We believe its important to get input from your entire management team, and from key people from different areas within the organization.  You may find that others in the company may not have the same viewpoint as yourself. 

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